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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our store locator, customization and much more.

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How to enable the 'Search by store name' option
How to use the Google Sheets Sync Tool
Billing, invoices and payments
How do I customize the text?
What are the leads?
How to use the REST API
How to disable the Leads Form
Restrict addresses to specific countries
Import calls to action through CSV/Excel or Google Sheets
How to change geolocation settings
How to create a pre-filtered store locator
How to create multiple store locators
How to hide the social media labels
Import custom fields through CSV/Excel or Google Sheets
Import search filters through CSV/Excel or Google Sheets
How to change the text/wording of the store locator?
How to change the Search Filters behavior
How can I export my locations?
How to add a Mapbox Access Token to your StoreRocket account
How to avoid unexpected charges for Google Maps API with billing alerts
How many searches per day does the store locator support?
How to add a Google Maps API key to your StoreRocket account
How to check your Google Maps API usage
How can I track an event when the user makes a search?
How can I track an event when the store locator loads?
How to give access to the Google Sheets spreadsheet?
How to make the store locator smaller or bigger?
How can I switch between kilometers and miles?
How can I upload a custom map marker/pin?
Can you extend my trial?
How can I upload icons for search filters?
What is the recommended map marker size?
I forgot the password and I can't access my account
Let's talk about support & demo calls
Understanding API Keys and Access Tokens for Google Maps and Mapbox in StoreRocket
How do I track an event in Google Analytics?
How do I show all locations on the map?