I cannot import my locations

The most common issues when you can't import your locations.

Updated over a week ago

When you are trying to import your locations via CSV/Excel file, please check for the followings:

  1. Are you using the StoreRocket template? You can download it here.

  2. The first row of the file must be the row with the titles of the columns. Make sure it's not the title of the table.

  3. Are you using your own titles? Make sure the row with the titles (the first) is not duplicated and it's the one provided in the template.

  4. Did you delete any columns from the template? Make sure you didn't delete any columns and if you don't use the optional columns, leave them blank.

  5. How many rows are you trying to import? The maximum is 20,000. If you have more rows, please contact us.

  6. If your file has the Lat (latitude) and Lng (longitude) values, that's great but make sure they are valid coordinates values. The values must be valid decimal numbers like 10.1234 (valid) and not 10,1234 (invalid, don't use commas).

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