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Google Sheets Sync Tool doesn't work
Google Sheets Sync Tool doesn't work

If you are using our Google Sheets Sync Tool to manage your locations and it doesn't sync, learn how to fix the most common causes.

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Running into issues when using the StoreRocket sync tool can happen. There could be many reasons why the sync tool doesn't work. As we use Google Sheets API for the interaction between StoreRocket and your spreadsheet, everything should be in order or Google Sheets API won't understand what our tool wants.

Here you will find a list of the most common causes why the sync tool is not working as expected.

  • Incorrect Column Names

You cannot change the default columns that were created by the sync tool. Please make sure the column names weren't changed and they are not unnamed.

  • Duplicate Columns

Make sure you don't have multiple columns with the same name.

  • Unnamed Columns With Values

Make sure you don't have some values in the cells below a column that doesn't have a name.

  • Not Enough Rows

You need to have more rows than the total number of locations. For safety, keep 1000 empty rows after your last used row.

  • Merged Cells

When pasting from another spreadsheet or Excel file, some cells might be merged. This will break the sync tool. Use Edit -> Paste Special -> Values Only when pasting to avoid merged columns. If you have merged columns, you need to unmerge them.

  • The Sheet Is Not The First

The sheet that was created by the sync tool must be the first one in the sheet order. You can give it the name that you want.

If you are still experiencing issues with the StoreRocket sync tool, it may be best to contact us so we can take a closer look.

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